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Marketing dollars have been spent, but what is happening with the leads that come in?

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Don’t let your marketing $ go to waste by having holes in your sales sequence.

Maximize your campaign spend by having a custom sales sequence.

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What we do...

Review your process so you can find warmer leads instead of just having a bunch of paid ads - cause that can get expensive quick. Grab your complementary sales sequence review here

Help entrepreneurs develop client relationships for long term customers

Share tried and true tools on how to pitch your service EVEN if you’re not a salesperson

Teach you how to grow your business without spending tons of money on marketing (doesn’t that sound golden?!!)

Celebrate with you when to expand your team so you can focus on what you’re best at!

Ready to build your custom sales sequence?

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Have a dynamic email follow-up sequence but people just are not responding.

Have clients that seem like they want what you have to offer, but just say no.

Build your custom sales sequence with us
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About the founder:

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Hey! I’m Hannah

Let me tell you a secret. I’m not that great when it comes to writing “about me” bios. What I can tell you though is that I am a fun, energetic, people loving person who is absolutely in LOVE with her job and the awesome clients I work with.

The reason we focus so much on doing what you love here at Chat With Hannah is because I was once trapped in an industry that was not my dream.

It was toxic to my family and my health. Sure, I was good at it, but is that enough reason to live life building someone else's dream?


After spending time in corporate sales, meeting deadlines, surpassing quotas and dealing with a high volume of customers, I set out to help others in the areas I had mastered in the 9-5. Sales.

When I am not at my desk carving out success for my awesome clients, you can find me hiking with my husband and adopted pup @bowtiejet. Each day, I spend time unwinding by taking care of my many house plants - you can never have too many can you?

Each day, we get to work with amazing female entrepreneurs! We help you solve issues that aren’t always taught in business 101.

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